Our Lil’ Champ

Our Lil' Champ

FIRST HONORS! My 4 year old tot has brought nothing but pride and joy to me and my husband. Seeing her exceeding beyond our expectations at school is just greatly rewarding as a parent. Good job, Aiyah!



Aside from writing, baking has also been a very good avenue for me to relieve my stress. Will post pics soon of my baked goodies and some dishes I have made for my family.

Young Mom

with my husband Bj, eldest Aiyah and our second ray of sunshine Baby Aly

with my husband Bj, eldest Aiyah and our second ray of sunshine Baby Aly

They say being a young mom is bad luck to the family. Whoever said that may have been someone who was getting on in years before having a child or who just plainly thinks it is tough luck to have a baby too soon. For me, it was the toughest yet sweetest reward one can ever have. I had my first daughter when I was only 18 and that did not bother me nor my parents. You see, where I come from, we have this belief that once a teenager carries a child and is unmarried, they have all the right to condemn you. It’s a sad truth that typical Christians live by this belief all their lives and so society has come to accept this except me and some of us. Oddly enough, it was my intention to have my own child at a very young age. Probably because I was the ever defiant daughter who’s only joy was to oppose her family’s old traditions. I wanted to prove how having my own family can be a genuine bliss instead of seeing it as a start to a miserable life. Being a young mom has made me open my eyes to a world of opportunities and possibilities. I now believe that every event in my life be it good or bad is an opportunity for me to turn it into whatever I want in however I can to shape my future.